Turning challenges into profitable solutions.

End-of-life battery owners

Turn a challenge into profit

Vehicle makers face a new challenge: EV battery disposal.
A single battery disposal through recycling costs up to $1500.

With ScoutIt battery owners profit up to $ 2000 for each repurposed battery.

Our solutions are designed for individual needs and based on geography, volumes and specific requirements. Because there are no identical battery products, nor manufacturers.
Why pay to dispose materials that are still a resource? We find solutions that minimize costs or even allow companies to make profit. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
IP Protection
We understand that some technology might have some proprietary value, that's why we provide clear information about the battery second-life destination and plan together every step.
Comply with regulations
New regulations in USA and in Europe mandate the tracking of batteries in their second life, and impose recycle rates and certifications. ScoutIt makes sure you comply with local requirements.

Battery repurposers

Consolidate your business

We help you with supply consolidation and project deployment.

We know consistent battery supply is a necessity for your operations.

We help you find new customers worldwide, and help you deploy your BESS across the globe.
A future-proof partnership
We're committed to the long term, convinced that second-life energy storage will dominate end-of-life battery solutions. We support your company's growth in this emerging market, offering guidance from research to project deployment.
Supply consolidation
We cooperate closely with vehicle makers both in EU and USA, and can provide you consistent supply, exactly where you need it.
Moreover, we also help with diagnostics services and logistics, in case you require it.
Customers reach
We work with energy and utility companies worldwide, and we help you deploy projects together with them. We assist you in every step of the process: from finding the ideal user to integrating your solution in their final project.

Our expertise

We are battery experts

With more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have compehensive knowledge about battery lifecycle.

We assist individuals and businesses in achieving success across the entire battery value chain, from inception to disposal.

With a deep and solid network, we facilitate industry connections between companies based on specific needs.
Battery circular economy
Use, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. We help you understand what is the ideal use case for your batteries, based on data.
Regulation compliance
Comply with international regulations and frameworks, such as the European Battery Passport, Extended Producer Responsibility, proper End-of-Life management.
Second-life advantages and Energy-storage
Understand what solution best suits your economic and sustainability targets.

Partners and investors

Building success hand-in-hand with partners and supportive investors.
The solution for EV batteries life-cycle and end-of-life management.
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