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Sustainable battery production

Ethical and sustainable battery production This article explains how sustainable battery production can be achieved in an ethical way. With a particular focus on minerals extractio...

Battery circular economy and recycling

This article illustrates how EV batteries, that are intrinsically resource-intensive products, can become a sustainable product, using Battery circular economy principles and batte...

A complete platform for End-of-Life batteries management, battery regulatory compliance and second-life battery trading.

Who can we help

We are your complete solution for EV batteries end-of-life management.

End-of-life battery owners

If you're a vehicle maker or auto dismantler, we help you dispose of your exhausted batteries in a profitable way, monetizing from waste while complying with battery regulations.

Battery re-use businesses

If you are looking for high-quality, OEM-sourced battery supply to build your products, we've got you covered.
The solution for EV batteries life-cycle and end-of-life management.
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