We are enabling a true circular battery economy.

What we do

We offer a complete solution for EV batteries end-of-life management.

B2B marketplace for EV batteries

A platform for anyone who owns EV batteries to sell their available battery supply, instead of paying for recycle. Our marketplace connects directly with reuse specialists, battery energy storage manufacturers and repurposing companies that are constantly in the need of EV batteries.

End-of-Life Management and Regulatory Compliance

ScoutIt empowers your business to seamlessly manage EOL battery inventory and its corresponding data, analyzing and evaluating the business case for repurposing versus recycling. Our commitment extends to full compliance with international regulations, including Extended Producer Responsibility and the European Battery Passport.

Our mission at ScoutIt is to enable a true circular battery economy. No battery should be prematurely recycled, or incorrectly disposed. We empower each company with tools to do exactly this.

The founders

We are the link between automotive and energy industry.

Davide Giacobbe

Co-Founder and CEO
Mechanical Engineer with +10 years of experience in the automotive industry as a R&D Team Leader for companies like Yamaha Motor and Automobili Lamborghini, managing projects from concept development to series production. Automotive industry expert, capable of addressing the most critical issues for vehicle makers in the most efficient way.

Niccolò Ferrari

Co-Founder and CTO
Mechatronics and Racing car engineer, with experience in AI applied in the automotive R&D. Multiple years spent in testing departments in Ferrari and Ducati. Expertise on hybrid and electric vehicles. Team and stress management skills proven in high impact working environments.
The solution for EV batteries life-cycle and end-of-life management.
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